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About Us



'Bringing your training together'

DUO GEAR began with two Muay Thai trainers who were having difficulty finding good quality and reliable equipment from suppliers for their own students to use. After using a number of different brands the equipment still didn't meet their expectations and the big brand names from Thailand became too costly for many students to afford.

It was then the pair set out to design and produce their own items at affordable prices, which could then be passed on to the students at a more realistic and affordable price. At the time the pair began with 5 different products, which they supplied to their own students and over time branched out to deliver the same quality to the public. After receiving a positive interest they continued to increase the project thus increasing the inventory.

And so, 14 years on DUO GEAR now supplies quality equipment to Gyms, Clubs and Organisations all around the world with an inventory of over 400 plus items.

Our aim is to provide you with high quality equipment at low prices. We work together with leading manufacturers with years of experience in manufacturing martial arts equipment who also supply to the Americas, Europe and the Far East. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards with all of our items tested by Nak Muay for Nak Muay and other Martial Artist’s to meet the athletes’ requirements.